Wedding PA Hire

Over the years we have supplied equipment for many weddings and can honestly say we have only ever had positive feedback, we understand just how important the day is to the couple and their families, we go the extra mile to ensure everything runs smoothly.

There are lots of people offering wedding discos so why choose us?

  • Professional: We are a professional limited company in our own purpose designed 2000-sq/ft premises.
  • Insured: We have £5 million public liability insurance.
  • Reliable: In the event of illness or other unforeseen problems we will not let you down. Our vehicles are smart and modern and our staff are well dressed and adhere to a strict code of conduct.

We have several systems; in the unlikely event of a failure we will normally have spares available.

If you don’t have an engineer / DJ for the duration of the hire we remain on call if you need us.

Quality: We are not only a disco, we are a pro-audio company, many discos use semi professional or hobby standard equipment, we only use professional equipment from top brands. The difference is apparent as soon as the music starts to play. Our equipment will go very loud (if required) but normally the most important thing is sound quality. Our equipment cannot be bettered on that. We have used our equipment with several top 40 acts.

Bands and DJ’S: We cater for bands and/or DJ’s too! We have a complete range of equipment, we can supply decks and/or Pioneer CDJ’s if required (more info. in the DJ section).
On many occasions we have supplied the equipment for bands too, we have everything they need including back line and even instruments.

Friends: Several of our weddings have featured performances by friends of the bride and groom, be it band or DJ, we have all the equipment required for this. Unlike our competitors we don’t insist on providing a DJ or choosing at least some of your song selections.

MP3’s, 21st century weddings: We can provide a docking station for an Ipod and/or a DI box for connecting a laptop. More and more we are seeing bride and groom prepare play lists in the weeks and months running up to wedding, these are then played throughout the evening. Over half of our weddings are now done this way; it’s a great way to ensure that you hear the songs that are special to you rather than the ones that the DJ thinks are. For example, altogether now…
Ag-a-doo-doo-doo, push pineapple, shake the tree
Aga-doo-doo-doo, push pineapple, grind coffee.

The church: Where your church doesn’t have a sound system it is sometimes necessary to install one to amplify the vocal part of the ceremony, reasons for this can be size of the building, acoustics or even grandma’s dodgy hearing. We have a small inconspicuous high quality vocal system, which we can install in the church to help resolve these problems.

Cost: We normally compare favourably against our competitors.
Availability: We have several systems but a few weekends in the summer months can get fully booked. Please check with us…

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